donderdag 10 maart 2016

Urban Decay Naked2 pencil

Finally ! My long awaited lip pencil from the Urban Decay label has landed ! Already purchased the lipstick weeks ago but still in need to finish off my nude look with the exact same pencil color.
Am very pleased with it as it promises to be everything it should be.
It slides smoothly across your lips, leaving a perfect matte nude hue to complement natural lips or mix with the Naked2 lipstick of the same range. Meanwhile, I've been looking for a matchy-matchy nail color and some matte mousse make-up and concealer. It's easily applied with a (humid) clean sponge or brush (or fingers but that's less hygienic)and needs no extra powder as it is already pretty neat and matte by itself. 

To make the look complete I use a soft orange blush (creme) very gently on my cheeks and paint my nails with Catrice Luxury Nudes 12 Caramel Confession.

But only after I've treated them with a jojoba-oil product by Pro's.
I really love the nude/naked look ; it's a good daytime look so I can keep my fierce red lipstick color for date night and going out.

All products available at Paris XL perfumery and Kruidvat drugstores in Belgium and the Netherlands

Catrice 12 Caramel Confession nailpolish

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