instagram marble is the new black

Are you guys also as much addicted to Instagram as I do ? Do you glance at your smartphone first thing in the morning to see how many hearts your account has gained ?
Even before checking your mails ?

Then you are Insta-addicted, just like me. The world can be such a shitty place sometimes and I just don't want to wake up hearing all terrible news first thing in the morning. I'm a morning person and don't have morning moodiness but I do like to wake up in slow-mood ; that's why I wake up early and take my time to shower, pamper myself and get dressed without rushing.
Love to watch all beautiful pictures posted by the people I follow while my bath is running. When I'm dressed and enjoying my first coffee, the Insta-peek continues at my kitchen table.

My Insta-week was light and airy ; I did a lot of photographing for my Architectural class and took a lot of whitewashed pictures of interiors. My schoolwork involves a lot of shooting and I often notice it reflects my Insta-mood too.

The picture of Serge Gainsbourg was an hommage to the 25th anniversary of his passing ; although I hate smoking, smoke is a beautiful 'prop' on any picture.
That's why I decided to shoot fabric for my Object + Matter in such a way, that it looked like a wisp, rising up to the air ..

I got a lot of positive response on this one ; hope my teacher likes it too !

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