Exclusive Delvaux Denim at Selfridges

maandag 29 juli 2013

Love the Madame Mini on the left ; it's one of their new colours for FW 2013

Just came in my mail today ; 

This summer, the House of Delvaux is part of the exciting Denim Exclusives event taking place at Selfridges in London. Delvaux’s studio was asked to come up with unique and inspiring styles, focusing on their own interpretation of denim. 

On this occasion, three versions of the Brillant were developed: one white denim trimmed with Trotteur Noir, one blue denim with Alligator Mat Noir and Trotteur Bic, as well as a white denim style adorned with Alligator Mat Mieland Jumping Fauve. The Simplissime was also reworked in blue denim, trimmed with Trotteur Bic andAlligator Mat Noir

These highly limited denim exclusives are only available in Selfridges London between the 24th of June and the 18th of August. To celebrate this one-off project, the House of Delvaux has its own display wall in-store until the 1st of September. 

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