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zaterdag 29 augustus 2015

Summer that is. It has been an amazing 3 months this year around ; starting with the wedding of my step daughter early June, our holiday to Ibiza and all these assignments with people that radiate love, warmth and emotion.

My last call was baby Emilie this week, who normally should 've been born around this time but decided to come a little bit earlier than expected. 
Emilie was born when I was packing for Ibiza and it was agreed to make her first pics in hospital. 
Alas, momma nature decided otherwise. 

So as soon I was back in the country I rescheduled her photo shoot ; my only concern was to get these before she was 1 month old. 
I wanted to catch that first baby look of her ; a baby's appearance and expression changes so rapidly you know .. 

a small collage of baby Emilie ; isn't she the cutest ?

4 opmerkingen :

  1. What a cutie! I love babies so much... It must have been amazing to take these pictures.

    I checked the tattoo website and LOVED it!!!


  2. Oh gefeliciteerd! X


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