Beg, steal and borrow {from the boy}

zondag 23 augustus 2015

me in my husband's vintage Essentiel shirt 

When you have nothing to wear in your closet, move a few steps to the right and raid your boyfriend's !
Pick his nicest striped shirt ; throw it around your waist, button up and fold the sleeves into a nice
bow tie. Et voilĂ , a new skirt is born. 
Add a simple white T and some sneakers or heels if you wanna bring your newest addition to a dinner date. 
{you might find many how-to tutorials on youtube, check it out}

I really like the idea of re-using anything for fashionable usage ; also, I'm a big fan of a sexy understated look (think Claire Underwood) with a hint of virility.
Even though it's still Summer, Autumn is lurking around the corner and as you might have noticed throughout all these years and blogposts, Fall is my absolute fave #1 season.

Everyday I'm looking at my Murray jacket by Isabel Marant, Etoile, hanging neat and patient in my closet. It's like that brand new uniform waiting for school to begin, austere and strictly, waiting to be exposed on September 1st. 
Patience is a clean virtue. 

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