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dinsdag 25 augustus 2015

Talika products can be purchased online or at IU {Belgium}

Ever since we moved to our current home, I've been visiting this beauty parlor in our 'quartier' ; the parlor introduced me to silk lash extensions and I've been a loyal fan since 2011 !
Of course I often wondered how my own natural lashes were doing ; as we all know, extensions put a burden on hair or lashes and sometimes it got me worried.
However, I presumed my lashes would still be there after all this time ; where else would the beauty assistant glue them if there wasn't a real eyelash in sight ?

So, I made the decision to skip my next appointment - you need a touch up every 3 to 4 weeks - just before my holiday abroad and determined myself to discover what was left of my own cilium after this last session of extensions.

And here we are, rediscovering my natural gaze and hurray, they lashes have proven to be super strong after more than 3 years of ordeal.
To make sure they get the attention and care they need, I purchased LIPOCILS expert by Talika ; it's a gel  to boost eyelash growth, pigmentation and curl.
I need to apply it twice a day and this for a month or so.

The gel applies very easily ; the product sits in a mascara flask with brush and is used just like so.
The product doesn't sting or smells ; in fact, it's super easy to use and if this promises to be what it says on the box, it's the easiest way to improve your blink and wink.

Stay tuned for an update in a month or so ; I'm hoping to rave about it and it's results.

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