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zondag 23 augustus 2015


Always nice to discover great Instagram accounts online ; seriously, there's some pretty awesome stuff out there. I like to mix & match daily outfits with food, travel and my work. 
Here are some of my latest Instagram treasures//accounts I'd like to share with you all :

Instagram account of this amazing (hidden) hotspot on Ibiza, near the famous Salinas (salt mines)

Amsterdam based food and lifestyle editor, Marie Verdenius
Love her clean food pictures ; a must-follow account for foodies ! 

Darya Kamalova's account for pure wedding inspiration ! 
A must for any bride-to-be .. 

If you're into temporary tattoos, make sure to click this account ! 
Their account is a lookbook for unique collabs with super talented illustrators and artists.

5. @denniswiatkowski
I've known the work of Dennis since I first started blogging back in 2008, long before the whole world started to do so.
I remember him commenting on some of the music I played on my blog as he started following me too. Discovered him back on Instagram and am very glad to see he has developed his own trademark style, when I look at his pictures.

And while you are up for it, feel free to follow my own account too

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