Ibiza hotspots 2015 {part 2}

maandag 17 augustus 2015

This holiday we stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel ; it's a very spacy place with some great interior but keep in mind if you're looking for a more "zen" feeling, this might not be the place for you.
Music is everywhere at this hotel ; I can't honestly say I was fed up after 2 weeks as I am a music lover from head to toe. 

Let me share some pictures from our room with a view :

 As you can see, the room was nice and spacious, loved my bath with ocean view !! 
As this hotel is not even 2 years open, it's an ok place to stay but still has some 'teething problems' :
I would recommend to book this for a try out long weekend, enjoying all there is the hotel has got to offer. Maybe you can grab a concert or two, enjoy a pool party with Tinie Tempah (we got so lucky to see Snoop Dogg too !), have a ridiculous large breakfast and finish your day at the Ninth, their rooftop bar.

For a great meal, hop next doors at Sir Rocco, a beach restaurant with Italian food or maybe try some tapas at the Hard Rock restaurant downstairs. 

this was the view from our terrace ; notice Sir Rocco on your left .. it looks like a beach bar but is actually a nicely decorated restaurant on the inside ! 

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