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dinsdag 6 oktober 2015

I've actually assembled a nice modest collection of daily jewelry from the past DPT collections.
Somehow they know just perfectly what's in fashion right now and offer affordable gold + diamonds jewels for the modern woman.

Because you can't just always wear your most outrageous sparkler ; sometimes it does not feel right. Entering the world of DPT was such an eye-opener for me ; I've first heard about them when Sofie Valkier, our most famous blogger worldwide, designed a small collection for them. Loved her arrow bracelet instantly, and, even more, the possibility to choose every item in pink gold.
So slowly, my personal collection grew and now I can say I own a nice and affordable every-day-wear set to match any outfit.

In the picture above you can recognize the arrow bracelet {just underneath the deer's head} - a geometrical hanger end a half moon ring.
These are my favorite key pieces as well as my 2 tiny bracelets I wear constantly {sometimes seen in my Instagram account} and I'm pretty sure another piece is going to join my collection pretty soon.
Loving their new Suzy cuff from their latest collection !

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