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donderdag 1 oktober 2015

The September issue of Vogue always seems to be the most important one of the year, but for me, personally, that just depends on who's on the cover, the main story or season.
French Vogue is always a bit more classy than their US counterpart and often it proves to be very chic and high-grade. 

So today, I got my October issue with Kate Moss on the cover - for a moment I hesitated between her and Christy Turlington - but Kate got the last call.
LOVE love LOVE her burgundy dress and boots ; it's just perfect to get adapted to Fall and in combination with the golden VOGUE typography, ever so pleasing.

On top of the magazine, we got a little extra ; a denim make-up bag imprinted with the VOGUE lettering. So nice and edgy.

Get your copy today from IMS, Stadsfeestzaal Antwerpen or a store near you.

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