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zaterdag 17 oktober 2015

a small recap of my own Instagram account

Are you yearning for more interesting people to follow you on IG ?
Here are some tricks that actually might help you gain more loyal believers for your personal account :

1 // post at least 1 picture every day on a regular (hour) basis - best times to do this are 8AM- 5PM and 8PM

2 // as we mentioned in 1 ; post at least 1 picture but not more than 4 a day. Try not to post 2 pictures after one another. You can keep some pictures 'on hold' so you have a personal stash of images you might use later

3 // If you're goal is to reach more followers worldwide, use English as your 'lingua franca' : search for correct orthography  via Google or online dictionaries.

4 // Don't overdo it ! Hashtags are necessary but overkill never has a winsome effect ; use about 4 hashtags max and make sure they relate to the images posted. You might even consider a personal hashtag for ex. #seeyouatninestreetstyle
for all fashion pictures taken on the street. It makes your followers so much easier to find all pictures related to your account and lead them to 'like' older posts and discover new ones too !

5 // don't share everything at once ; trigger followers with a single picture on your Facebook page and lead them straight to your IG account ! A snapshot of your latest IG might do the trick as well !

6 // link to your blog or event in your bio - do this 2 to 3 days max. Change it to trigger again and again ..

7 // Show some of your private space but don't overdo it. Link a personal image to a nice place you often visit yourself ; "having a coffee with your best friend @ Barnini"   - >  tag place ! This might actually get you new followers through the tag used for Barnini.

8 // If you repost an image of someone, don't use the regram app but take a snapshot en tag it with #repost + @name of that person. It makes it so much more personal for your account as for the person involved.

Now go get busy !
Have a great weekend !

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