vrijdag 9 oktober 2015

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I am a big fan of Polyvore ; joined them a couple of years ago and using their boards to create my looks on them. So funny to see what you were wearing 1 year ago ; you can actually see your style sense evolving and changing. 

I never like bold prints anyway so this is something you might never see in these moodboards. Being a big fan of clean, monochrome looks I'm trying my best to not appear in what might look a copy/paste look over and over again. No groundhog day-effect for me. 

My basics are pretty simple and mostly dark toned (pants, skirts, shorts) ; by adding a touch of silver or pink gold (obsessed with that color), I'm trying to crack open the code to not look the same every day.
And just like Coco Chanel teached us, before you go out, just take off one more piece and you're good to go. That's my mantra ! 
These couple of looks you see above are the ones I was wearing on those dates ; if you are on Polyvore, check all my previous looks out ! 

Or even better, get connected through my Instagram and see some of the looks in print ! 

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