Soft Tones

maandag 26 oktober 2015

One of my school assignments was to get inspired by a (favourite) photographer and making some pictures in his/her typical style.
As I've always been a big Erwin Olaf fan, I didn't need to think long who I would choose for this particular project.

Looking and submerging myself into his GRIEF series, I knew I just had to make something like this.
Of course I'm no professional (yet) and I can't even imagine comparing myself for 1% to someone with an incredible talent such as Olaf, I guess I've captured the spirit and tone of those particular series. Having the perfect wardrobe at home with all these demure, beige, camel or mokka tones, the one thing I didn't need to look for was a stylist.

I asked my friend Niamh to be my model - I just knew I could count on her - and so we made a couple of shots to recreate this GRIEF-inspired mood. I did not want to copy the GRIEF pictures to perfection, just wanted a somewhat similar atmosphere, maybe STRONG would be a better name to baptize my own series for this school task.

I hope you like them - any type of constructive feedback is welcome - just let me know what you think about them.

For this shoot we used :
grey knit by Zara
black skirt by Zara
purse by Herm├Ęs
Pussy Bow blouse by Just in Case 

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