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vrijdag 2 oktober 2015

I wanted to change my wedding ring for the longest time ; it's a trinity ring by Cartier and somehow it never felt right to me. Now don't get me wrong ; we decided to wear weddings bands 2 years after we actually got married. The emotion behind it was not set on our wedding day. Maybe the rings were bought in a whim, under a slight pressure of wanting to show the world we were an item, a team ! 
God knows how hard we had to fight to become a couple in the first place.

Now I'm not a person who likes to wear loads of jewelry all together ; my basics are pretty simple.
A nice chunky watch (or elegant for an evening outfit) - 1 ring and maybe some bracelets.
And even then, I'm pretty sure putting something back in my jewel box before leaving the house.
Through the years fashion changed and almost a decade into this marriage, I've seen my style evolving into a monochrome, less is more look.
On top of that, I totally LOVE pink gold these days and especially for my skin type, it happens to be a better tone than the familiar classic yellow gold.

So I asked my favorite designer Anne Zellien to make a very simple pink gold wedding band with diamonds ; the result can be seen in the pictures.
Am very happy with the result ; Anne is known for her sentimental jewelry and this ring isn't any different. If you look inside the ring, you can see a line saying :
Mrs C since 2006 

How cute is that ? 
- Check Anne's lovely collection online through this link  -

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