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vrijdag 23 oktober 2015

my natural lashes - lifted, no mascara #nofilter

I'm pretty excited ! 
After a couple of weeks of intense lash treatment and pampering, I've had the courage to try something new to boost my glance. Made an appointment at Nail Couture 43 in Antwerp, to lift my eyelashes and curl them just like you would when having a perm at your hairdressers.

In less than an hour your own natural lashes look more perky and playful and I have to say, it makes your gaze look younger. It's an easy process where your lashes get an uplift and some subtle colour ; after the treatment it's key you don't splash your face with water or cry {and if you cry just let the tears flow, don't rub your eyes} for 48 hours. 

I had my treatment on Wednesday and today, Friday that is, I'll brush them again with my tiny lash brush and add some mascara for the very first time. The picture above shows my lashes just after I had the treatment ; today they still look awesome and even the mascara does not cake the tiny hairs together {hate it when that happens} so I'm beyond happy ! 
The lovely lady at Nail Couture assured me I could even use my Talika treatment as I did before ; hopefully it will keep my lashes growing and healthy.

Conclusion ?
Well after having had lash extensions for so many years I think this is a more natural approach to enhance your look ; the products are only used every 6 tot 8 weeks - causes less damage to your own lashes and does not look fake.  The extensions made me look boudoir-ish and ready for decoy but is this what I wanted to achieve ? 

Hell no ! I just want a nice and fresh looking glance, somewhat cheeky but never overdone.
Not even the shortest extensions made me look less fake ; they were still ridiculously long ! 
I can always opt for some fake lashes for an evening out when the light is softer and you want to add something extra but during daytime hours I just want to have a nice and clean look.
If this is your aim too this lash care might just be it for you to consider.

And even though it's still October, you might just check your calendar and start booking your pre-Christmas & New Year's Eve appointments, making sure your rendez-vous at your local salon is assured.

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