maandag 14 december 2015

7. you name it. you make it

wool by Julija's shop

DIY or handmade stuff has become increasingly popular these last years. Maybe it's an urge to find peace of mind to make something by hand, have some time to yourself, comforted by the cosiness of your home, knitting the hours away, in company of the house cat or relaxing music in the background. Smartphones are not aloud at this point. 

I know for sure this present will be much appreciated by many diy-er and the good part is, this might even be an exception in offering a voucher {I personally loathe vouchers - so impersonal} because it leaves the receiver to choose his/her own materials. 
It's by picking the good wool shop, your present becomes more individual and attentive ; so skip shops like Veritas this time and go out and search for a more deluxe version of an haberdashery offering only but the best yarns and threads. Nothing beats the real stuff like wool, mohair or alpaca. 
Synthetical is out of the question ; you would never give plastic shoes instead of real leather too, right ? 

My personal local stores for diy are :

Lana Antwerp
and Maurice (KBC tower)

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