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zaterdag 19 december 2015

You might have guessed photography is my dada by now .. or if you're just joined my blog clan, you will discover this along the way.
So, wishing you newbies a warm welcome to the blog.

For those amongst you, who can't bear to see another Christmas movie at this point or are fed up with the millionth rerun of the Sound of Music around this time of year, this list is especially for you ..

I'd like to share some of my favorite movies of all time, containing the subject of photography. Maybe you've seen some of them or will discover some pretty awesome or touching motion pictures. 


At n° 1. A thousand times goodnight with Juliette Binoche being a war photographer {detail ; Larry Mullen, drummer of U2 also has a role in it}

At n° 2. Closer, Julia Roberts being an American photographer based in London.

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At n° 3. Blow Up, David Hemmings plays a fashion photographer in this iconic cult movie from 1966.
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At n° 4. Rear Window, with Grace Kelly and wheelchair bound James Stewart, a photojournalist who's spying on his neighbors, suspecting one of them murdering his wife.

source : rotten

At n° 5. Lost in translation, Scarlett Johansson plays the young insecure wife of Giovanni Ribisi, a fashion photographer who's more interested in his job and models than his own wife. Fans of Bill Murray ; a must see !

At n° 6. Ben Daniels playing Adam Galloway, photographer in series 1 and 2 of House of Cards

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At n° 7. The secret life of Walter Mitty, Sean Penn plays Sean O'Connell, the inspiring photographer friend of Walter (played by Ben Stiller)
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At n° 8. Control, a movie by Anton Corbijn about the life of Ian Curtis, the tragic singer of Joy Division
source :

At n° 9. Palermo Shooting, a movie by Wim Wenders with Campino (singer of punk band Die Toten Hosen) acting a photographer
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At n° 10. Another Anton Corbijn movie with Robert Pattinson playing young photographer Dennis Stock. The movie tells the story about Stock and a young James Dean and their friendship.
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