19 days till Christmas {original presents and tips where to get them} #day2

maandag 7 december 2015

2. Sal de Ibiza

Cooking has become increasingly popular these last few years ; cookbooks are the most bought books to offer as a present. 

You might have the mischance you're the one that needs to find an appropriate gift for a semi-pro cook in your family, being a total klutz in the kitchen yourself.   On the other side, you're quite inventive and innovative concerning your gift conception. No cook books in your basket because, hey you are an individual giving only stuff you yourself would want to have too. 

So what would be quite awesome and nice ?
Why not consider some tasty ingredient ? 
Sal de Ibiza could be the perfect present ; not only do you need salt in loads of dishes but it's nice to see this spice is packed in a beautiful ceramic turquoise jar + spoon.

If you're lucky enough to have enjoyed the Summer on this Balearic pearl, you could've have brought some jars home and stashed them for the next couple of months keeping the Christmas holidays in mind {that's what I did} or ..
if you're a late {=panic} shopper ; there's the www to help you out.
Make sure to order in time as the holiday season can be quite busy.

Here in Antwerp, wit-zwart deli, is the place to buy your salt in store. 

tomorrow we'll be thinking of what to give new parents.

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