My Christmas outfit for December 25th

As much as I love to dress up for an event, these last few years I've tried to stay true to my style. I really never buy anything very festive or especially for the occasion, I just work with the stuff I have and mix it with some carefully chosen accessories.

So, let me show you what I have got in mind :

Skirt by Bellerose - I've bought this one at the start of the new season, early August and it's been one of my better purchases this year. Perfect for Summer in Ibiza and the upcoming holidays.

Sweater is from the newest Isabel Marant Etoile collection ; I made an early New Years resolution throughout this year, not to buy a grey 'mêlée' anymore because .. how much more grey sweaters can you have in your closet ?
That's why I opted for this spicy curry one : doesn't it look 'plus chique' than the average black or grey one ? I thought it did.

Heels by Gianvito Rossi ; I had these for a wedding in June and I'm very glad I did. Bronze or coppers are so it right now, the copper hue is warmer to the skin than an average yellow gold.

Matching these items with my all-time classic Kelly bag and I'm good to go.
The Kelly is perfect to harmonize all warm tones together and big enough to store my camera ! 

What's your take on party outfits ? I'd love to see your view on it.

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