Last weeks of 2015

vrijdag 18 december 2015

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Can't believe we are headed for the final weeks of the year ; it's starting to look a lot like Christmas outside but it does not feel cold or Wintery at all ! I am so relieved I made it in one piece as these last weeks were very challenging. I've had tons of work to finalize for my school assignments, in between I did several shoots and to top it off, I have been suffering from a mild case of amnesia due to lack of sleep. Some nights, I'm glad I can stretch it 'till 4am - waking up from a bad dream/nightmare. So one of my new years' resolutions will definitely be 'empty your head on a weekly basis' or find my inner zen zone ..

My friend Catherine has made a career change too and is currently counting down to restart as a fashion agent, slowly designing her own collection and be a reiki adept after hours. I would love to learn more about that as she sounds so inner peaceful and in control with her self.

I kinda love the idea of being a slashie* myself.
Having the opportunity to do several jobs and not being attached to just one main occupation until you reach the retirement age of 65.

And when I thought I was just doing nothing at all I realized I was a slashie before the word got launched into urban dictionaries.

Photographer / Student / Personal Assistent / Knitter 'sur demande'

What are you guys up too, work wise, do you have more than one occupation ?

*A person who thinks their day job isn't their real job: busboy/actor; waitress/actress; waiter/writer; cleaner/scriptwriter; singer/secretary

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  1. Interesting post! I guess I am a 'slashie' myself, as I write my blog and also work in interior design. Have a good weekend!


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