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zondag 20 december 2015

as seen on my Instagram account this week 

Being a bag lover {= addict} I have many models to choose from ; over the years I've collected a nice stash of leather beauties and always kept one rule in mind. If you buy an expensive handbag, make sure it will still look good when you're 80.

No need to say iconic classics like the Chanel ones are in my own private arsenal ! The Jumbo Double Chain Flab bag is one of my first Chanels' ever and when I see how much the price tag has raised after all these years, I'm pretty sure I made a good investment.

I don't buy a lot of bags, also stay away from it-bags in tawdry colors but carefully search for epic models that will look good on any outfit as well as any age. Lately, the Jumbo is my faithful companion after having worn my black patent Proenza for more than 6 months this year. The Jumbo is not seen often but still can be found on luxury labels- internet shops for preloved goodies. 

As it happens, I came across this site .. you might check it out if you're still wondering what to ask for Christmas this year .. 

Happy Sunday ! 

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  1. You can never go wrong with such a classic bag. I love Chanel bags but I don't think I'll ever purchase one. It feels a bit too feminine for me personally, but I love them on other people. I'll stick with my beloved Balenciaga bag :)


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