You got me intoxicated {Let's dance}

donderdag 31 december 2015

Still a couple of hours before we can kick our NYE party down here ; already thinking 'bout those resolutions we're writing down in our heads.
Many of you will want to start the new year with a fresh and clean body and mind ; so do I, I swear to God I will make more of an effort into really nailing it this time.
Sports and going to the gym many times a week had been a routine I kept persistently in 2015 but it's the healthy food bit that's keeping me busy in my head.

I need to work more on a healthy balanced diet - not to see it as a real 'diet' but more as a lifestyle ; in fact, it should come pretty easily. 
Less coffee (as coffee is giving me an uncomfortable feeling lately) and more infusions ; fruits and veggies and less pasta or bread.

I managed to follow such a regime for a while, even lost weight doing it but never stuck to it.
So the pounds and distressed intestines came back and made their point for the longest time.
I need to listen to my body and love it more for what it is.

So let's start with this easy as a breeze detox tea ; quickly made with the following ingredients.

a. fresh mint 
b. cinnamon stick
c. freshly grated ginger
d. hot water
c. infuser

Cut some of the fresh mint leafs and grate a fresh ginger cube ; put these together with the cinnamon stick in the infuser and pour some hot boiling water on top.
Let it rest for at least 6 tot 8 minutes then add some honey at choice ; sit back and enjoy your infusion and let it do it's work. A nice book or some lounge background music will optimize the zen-moment.

Enjoy ! 

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