How to choose the perfect bra

woensdag 16 december 2015

photo credit ThirdLove

I've always liked a clean cut style, dress wise, making sure everything will fit properly - no ugly seams or marks showing the things you don't wanna show.

The importance of a good bra is not only about how it looks or makes you look ; the best bra to my thinking is the one you don't feel.
Nothing irritates me more than slipping straps ; I  have to admit even my most expensive bra from {label X} makes me ignoring it and leave it in the back of my lingerie drawer. 

So here are some tips that might help if you're experiencing the same issues :

As straps tend to stretch out, you might consider tightening them once a month. If does not do the trick anymore, maybe it's time to explore new horizons. 

Thirdlove gives some pretty good advice on how to choose a good bra helping you out with their super easy app available via iTunes.
If you check out their website, you might actually be surprised how lovely many of the proposed models are ; my personal faves are the Lace Balconettes ; not are they super cute and sexy but also extra supportive and the wires are nickel-free and coated with nylon. 

Shows a comfortable and practical bra does not have to be made out of one piece (ugh-ly !) but can be gorgeous, lacy and luxurious at the same time.  

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