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zondag 1 september 2013

Whenever I'm giving friends a thank you gift for inviting me to dinner, I want them to have nothing but the best. When your friends invite you and they make the most of food and wines specially for you, I guess it's just customary and polite to offer them something they can enjoy for at least a week or so.

There's this wonderful flowershop, close to the Graanmarkt in Antwerpen, called Baltimore.
Every time I pass their window display or presentation in front of their shop, I can't help but stop for a while and gaze at the amazing colours and convergence of it all.

Yesterday we got invited at this luxury bbq fest at Peter's & Marise and I wanted to give something that would remind Marise of Summer. Although it's September today and Fall is peeping around the corner, I just could not help myself in picking these roses and hydrangea flowers. I guess I just need to adapt to the idea orange, browns and reds will be hitting nature pretty soon.

Baltimore is one of my favorite flowerstores in Antwerp. If you ever need a bouquet for a special occasion, this is the place to be ..
Check out their website here

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