Interior : kidsrooms, wallpaper and a nice project.

zaterdag 7 september 2013

Before I had my own kids' shop and label, I worked as an interior designer for more than a decade.
My 2 co workers and I used to advice people on were they should envision lighting frameworks so their house, shop or office would be a place where they could play with light and ambience.
I really loved my job back then and it's still in me to help people out when they need to (re)-decorate a room. 
My friend Patrick wanted to make his house fun and a place where he would be embraced with peacefulness once his working day was over. He knew I had my experience as an interior advisor and decided to walk my way with some of my directions.
Pretty soon the last room will be finished and he offered me to take pictures of the final results. I'll keep you posted on my blog in a couple of weeks and I can't hide my own excitement in seeing the outcome.

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