the week seen in Instagram : lots of bling, blue and leopard spots

zondag 29 september 2013

The week PFW photo overkill hit my smartphone screen ; H&M announced former Antwerp Fashion Academy student Minju Kim, will do a collection for them ; Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was seen in a see-through top and no make-up at Balmain ; rumour has it Richard Gere is about to divorce ; a Nairobi mall massacre left 67 people killed ; Kanye and Kim finally hit the limelight again in Paris ; a Dumb & Dumber sequel was announced ; topless Femen activists 'ruined' the walk for Hollie-May Saker at Nina Ricci {reading her tweets on the matter after the show,  I'm not even going to try and react to this} - Barilla pasta was ditched by A LOT of people, so .. pasta la vista baby ! (we don't like homophobic people)

And how was your week ?

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