Marant Monday

maandag 2 september 2013

dress Isabel Marant similar here
shoes COS similar here
bag Delvaux here  and here 

Hope all moms had a flawless schoolrun ? I did and because I had to adapt back to my mundane life as a mother this morning, I picked this Isabel Marant dress because it's effortless and easy to combine with any shoe and bag. I really love the chiffon feel to it .. it's light and perfect for Indian Summer days.

Have to add these COS shoes are fab ! They have an 8cm heel and are perfect for running errands or quick walks in and out of school. If you need a heel for everyday events, classy and comfortable footwear, I highly recommend to check out your nearest COS store.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous in fashionable Antwerp, Waar vind je anders zo'n mooie inkom! ;-)


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