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donderdag 27 juni 2013

I used the purple box - Ik gebruikte de paarse doos

My hair is slightly wavy and curly. Having bangs means straightening them on a daily basis - and even more when you suffer a cowlick or 2.
My teenage daughter mentioned a friend of hers with curly hair, had tried this latest product by Franck Provost : it's a DIY straightener and it comes in 2 degrees. So this girl had tried it on her own hair, with some help from a friend (you really need someone to help you out because you need to do it in at least 2 steps) and voilà, the next day she came to school with perfectly straight hair, even after she untied her hipster knot, it fell down on her shoulders like it had just been done by a hairdresser.

My hair is very thick and wavy, mostly the front bits next to my ears. With this horrible weather being damp and stuff, my hair tends to curl up ; I guess most of you guys recognize this occurrence.
So yesterday I pulled myself together and just felt like going for it !
I put the back parts of my hair in pigtails and left the front parts hang loose.
Timer by my side (very important if you want to end up with hair and not a couple of bald patches, God forbid !), I started to rub the contents of product number 1 on my hair. Keeping in mind to stay away from my roots.
When the timer hits 20 minutes, rinse the hair gently but thoroughly. Gently rub it dry with a towel and start your timer again. The 2nd flask holds a more runny liquid ; carefully rub it in and leave to rest for 10 minutes. Rinse again and finally use the conditioner to protect and seal all products.
After 5 minutes you may rinse this too and then I used my traditional shampoo on the back part of my hair. I did not use my shampoo for the treated hair.
Now you can finish your hairdo like you normally would ; blow dry, straightener ..

The big test was yet to come. How would it look in the morning ? My experience with freshly washed hair and a blow dry the night before, is my hair looks wavy and my bangs need to be straightened before leaving the house. But much to my surprise it was super flat !! Did not even need straightening !
So, thank you Franck - for giving us this easy to use DIY package .. I'm good for 6 weeks ..damp, rain or shine !

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