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vrijdag 28 juni 2013

The wonderful thing about the internet is you get to virtually meet so many people with awesome ideas. For instance : Melanie follows me on Tumblr and Twitter and I checked her blog and Instagram account too and discovered she was doing this 365 days project, posting doors on a daily basis. When you look at her IG account so far, it already looks pretty amazing. She really picked the most beautiful doors and I even recognized some of them.

The other day I got a nice message in my mailbox from local tv show host Freek Braeckman that his lovely wife had made yet another beautiful online magazine Poppinette. It's these things that make my day. This edition is even more beautiful than the previous one. I'll post the link on here so you guys can check it out yourselves. Happy note ; you can download it for FREE on iTunes (app for iPad)

What's your project ? Or do you have a friend that has an awesome hashtag group running on Instagram ? Let me know !!

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